Your creative vision will finally become a reality.

You’re an entrepreneur driven by purpose more than profit. Something within you has pulled you to your business, and you can’t NOT do it. It’s your dream.

I love that you’re doing passion work. It means something to you. It drives you. You feel such a strong pull to help people in your own unique way.

You need a brand that works as hard as you do to set you apart from the competition. You’re ready for a professional, polished image that makes you proud, stands out to your customers, attracts more of them, and ultimately takes your business to the next level.

You feel like the image you’re currently putting out there isn’t the best representation of your business. You’ve been making your own graphics, buying pre-made ones from cheap websites, or have tried another designer who didn’t really get your vision. So far, everything just misses the mark.

We’re going to change that right now!

I’m Erica, a visual brand designer working with purpose-driven small businesses — just like you! — who need someone to really GET them and make their vision a reality. That’s my super power! Your new brand will truly represent you so you can confidently stand out to ideal clients and take your business to the next level. You’ll be proud to share your business with the world.

I’ve always known that I would use my creativity to help others.

I knew since age 16 that I would be a designer. There was never a Plan B for me. Just a few months before graduation, the art department chair told our class of 10 Visual Communications majors that only 2% of artists get a job within their field. Right then and there I vowed that I would be in that 2%.

After two years of tenacious job hunting I was blessed enough to land a job I drooled over for years, and I was truly happy there. Unfortunately, the company where I worked decided to go in a different direction, as they often do. Person by person, my department was being cut.

I’m sure you know what that’s like. Feeling like you finally made it and then having it ripped right out from under you.

Since my future there had become uncertain, I made it be my choice to leave instead of waiting to let it happen to me. I took a risk. I had no plan and two small children to care for.

It paid off. It cleared out the space for me to work with people like you.

You’ve been there, too. Maybe you didn’t have kids and maybe your job situation was different. The details aren’t important. You found the risk worth taking because you knew there was so much more for you out there.

A goal-getter from birth, I understand the drive to pursue your dreams. To be different from everyone else because settling just isn’t in your nature. I call it living with passion and purpose. It’s an exciting but challenging road, and I’ve come to find that you can’t do it all on your own all the time. You need a reliable partner in crime to turn to, someone who gets you, someone you can trust. As a fellow dreamer, I care about helping you make your dreams a reality. Your interest in unleveling your brand tells me you want that. Since you’re passionate about your business, so am I.

Your work is important, and people need to see it.

They also have to believe you, get to know you, and come to trust you. That calls for a standout visual identity that grabs their attention and keeps them looking. For it to work, you have to love it so much that you proudly put it out there for the world to see.

That’s what I do for my clients.

But don’t just take my word for it.

“Erica’s creative vision has helped us completely elevate the look of all of our brands! She is a true artist who can take a nebulous idea and turn it into a beautiful brand.”Alexandra M., Gospel Music Association

“She was quick to learn who we are as a company and our design preferences. Erica has taken us to a new level of professionalism in our marketing efforts; our branding is clearer and more concise now.”Gloria L., Ambassador Speakers Bureau

“I AM SOOOOOOOOOOO EXCITED!!! You delivered a great logo, and you care about the end result and making the customer happy.”Diana F., Perfect Fit Resume

“I feel that I am presenting my work more professionally to my clients. Erica is absolutely committed to getting a result you will love. I’d recommend her to anyone who is ready to move on from DIY-ing the visual aspect of their brand and wants to represent themselves professionally, memorably and with elegance.”Sophy D., Sophy Dale Coaching

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