2018 design trends

5 Design Trends in 2018 to Help You Stand Out

When it comes to your logo and visual brand, chasing trends isn’t the goal. You’ll end up outdated after a year or two and will have to start over again. (Watercolor, anyone?) Not the best long-term business model. However, there is a difference between chasing trends and being relevant. Just like technology, design is ever-changing. …

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2018 Color of the Year

A firm believer that purple is the greatest color of all, I’m very excited about the PANTONE® color of the year for 2018. Turns out I’m not the only fan. A University of Maryland Study found purple to be the second-favorite color for women, following closely behind blue (the favorite for both men and women). …

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Do You Really Need a Logo?

Many people ask me if a logo is necessary. Some people say it’s completely unimportant. I greatly disagree with them. Some people insist that you aren’t a professional if you don’t have one. I also disagree with them because it IS possible to have a logo that’s hurting more than helping. The complicated answer is: …

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