Do You Really Need a Logo?

Many people ask me if a logo is necessary.

Some people say it’s completely unimportant. I greatly disagree with them.

Some people insist that you aren’t a professional if you don’t have one. I also disagree with them because it IS possible to have a logo that’s hurting more than helping.

The complicated answer is: it depends.

There’s just something about a well-designed logo that establishes trust for a brand. Right? It looks more legit, more reputable, and more dependable.

For that reason, I’m a big advocate of having a logo. But not just any logo will do. The ones you get from cheap crowdsourcing sites or your sister’s husband who “knows how to use Photoshop” aren’t doing you any favors. You don’t need to spend money on a generic cookie-cutter logo that a hundred other people also have. You need a logo that accurately represents YOUR business, that acts as your ambassador.



It might not be in the budget at your current stage — and that’s okay! But you should definitely plan for it and work toward it over the next year or two. When you’re ready, make sure to choose a professional designer with a portfolio you like — because every designer has their own style — and testimonials so you know what it’s like to work with them.

Until that time, a simple wordmark will do. A wordmark is a text-only logo. Choose a sturdy, clean font that’s easily legible — nothing too thin, decorative, or scripty. You can even add a little “something extra” by drawing a border around the text. Make sure spacing is even on all sides so it looks like you paid attention and you care. It would be best to choose a font that’s available on all the software you use.

People won’t be able to recognize you if your logo is always changing.

It’s perfectly possible to have a visual identity without a logo that still looks professional. The key is being consistent by sticking to the same font, color palette, and similar design elements. This builds recognition and lets your clients know they’re in the right place.

Fonts are an easy place to start refining your brand image. Do you spend hours scouring the internet and testing font after font, only to be uncertain or disappointed when they don’t look as awesome as they did in the sample text? I put together the totally FREE Font Style Guide just for you! After reading this guide, you’ll know exactly what font style will represent your business the best.

Your feedback is greatly appreciated! Leave a comment below if this was helpful or if something was missing. I’m always looking for ways to improve.

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