GMA Honors & Hall of Fame Ceremony Case Study

The Challenges:

  • The GMA Honors and GMA Hall of Fame logos were two separate logos for the same event
  • The logos did not convey the magnitude of the joint event and how the recipients should feel upon receiving the honor
  • The logos were not an effective image to use for social media marketing; they did not identify with the target audience and did not fit in with the modern marketing strategy
  • The logos did notreflect the feeling of the evening: a classy dinner and award ceremony
  • The logos did not tell a story about the organization (The Gospel Music Association) or the GMA Honors event
  • The ichthus needed to remain



The Solution:

  • A “soft rebrand” using the ichthus in a more modern, regal way


The Result:

  • An elegant crown formed from the original ichthus symbol to unify the joint event into one strong mark



The Concept Development:

Several minutes of sketching revealed that when the ichthus was used as a repeated pattern in just the right arc it resembled a crown. In the Christian faith, the Bible teaches that when we enter the Kingdom of Heaven we will receive a crown with jewels. Building on this theme, the sketch was refined into an elegant crown with five points – the number 5 represents Grace in the Bible – and adorned with graphic representations of “jewels”. To add to the majesty, the symbol was colorized with a slightly-metallic rose gold and placed on a field of midnight blue to represent the night sky.