You’re running your business #likeaboss. You’re showing up consistently online and at networking events. Your name is getting out there, and you’re meeting perfect clients all the time.

Then comes the dreaded question.

The person you’re speaking to asks if you have a website or a business card. Suddenly the confidence gives way as the doubt creeps in. You don’t feel like your website or marketing materials truly reflect who you are, so you feel ashamed to share them.

You’re afraid your people will see you as unprofessional because your branding isn’t at a standard that matches your expertise or the value of your work.

You’ve ordered new business cards three times and keep tweaking your website because everything just misses the mark. You can’t figure out how to make your ideas work. Plus, it’s taking way too much time and you’ve got a million other things to do to run your business.


You want to be proud of your brand and confidently share yourself so you can stand out to your clients, attract more of them, and ultimately take your business to the next level.

Does any of this fit you?

  • You’re an expert at what you do, and you feel like your current visuals don’t reflect that
  • You’re afraid people will doubt your expertise when they see your website
  • OR you haven’t even published your website yet because it just doesn’t feel like you
  • You don’t know what fonts, colors, and photos look good together and you’re tired of wasting time trying to figure it out
  • You keep checking out your competitors’ websites and falling down the rabbit hole of shiny object syndrome
  • You’ve worked with a designer before, but you were disappointed and felt like they didn’t really hear you


I hear you, and I can help you!

I help driven women get a fresh look for their business that gets them noticed. I’ll turn your ideas into a beautiful, intentional brand that truly feels like you and stands out to your ideal clients.

No more hiding behind graphics that don’t feel like you or make you doubt yourself. You’ll proudly share your brand visuals with confidence!

How would it feel to:

  • Stop hiding behind graphics you don’t love just because you have to “get it done”
  • Stop wasting time tweaking your colors and fonts so you can focus on other business needs that you’re actually passionate about doing
  • Boldly share your website and other visuals because you’re proud of the way they represent your business
  • Move your business forward in total confidence

You can have all of that in only a matter of a few weeks!


The Uplevel Your Brand package includes:

1. Brand Discovery
Famous designer Milton Glaser said, “Design is the process of going from an existing condition to a preferred one”. This is where it all starts. We’ll have a one-on-one consultation so I can learn all about you, your business, who you serve, and what problems you solve for them. We’ll go into detail about your vision for your brand identity and how you want your clients to perceive your business.

2. Mood Board
Using everything I learned about you from our Brand Discovery, I’ll create a mood board, a digital or physical “poster” board full of photos and colors that capture the vibe of your brand. This is where I take all of your words and turn them into a visual representation of what you want your new brand identity to feel like. It makes communication so much easier because people often bring their own associations to the words they use. The mood board helps make sure I understand completely what you’re going for.

3. Logo Design
Once the mood board is finalized, It’s time to design your logo! This is the longest stage of the process because my logos are designed with intention and purpose. This assures that you get a completely custom logo, tailored perfectly to you, that no one else will ever have. You’ll also get an alternate logo and an icon variation so your logo can look its best no matter what size it needs to be used. You’ll receive your logos in a variety of high resolution print and web files with instruction for when to use each one.

4. Complete Visual Identity
Now that you have your awesome new logo, we’re going to round out the rest of your visual identity. You’ll get:

  • a full color palette that includes primary and secondary colors
  • a main pattern or texture
  • font list with instructions on how to use them appropriately together
  • photography style recommendations for on-brand photos
  • dominant design elements, for example the use of icons or geometric shapes

5. Visual Style Guide
I would never leave you hanging with all these files, not knowing what to do with each one or when to use it. We’re trying to make your life easier here! Everything will be laid out clearly in a PDF of guidelines for how to use — and not use — every single piece. It includes all the color codes and what each one is for, how to combine the colors, where to get your fonts, and how to use your logo files.

And, because I love helping fellow passionate business owners, I’m also including a bonus section that includes a list of quality stock photography sites for your print and digital marketing.


All those ideas swirling around in your head? I’ll pull them together into a cohesive, beautiful brand identity that feels true to you that you can’t wait to show off. You will have the polished, professional image you want, and you’ll gain back HOURS in your week since all that time spent doubting and second-guessing will be long gone.

Investment: $1,599

Are you ready to uplevel? Let’s get started!

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I’m so excited to meet you and collaborate on your passion work!

You WILL have a visual brand that you LOVE. But don’t just take my word for it. See what these lovely ladies had to say:

“Erica’s creative vision has helped us completely elevate the look of all of our brands! She is a true artist who can take a nebulous idea and turn it into a beautiful brand.”
Alexandra M., Gospel Music Association

“She was quick to learn who we are as a company and our design preferences. Erica has taken us to a new level of professionalism in our marketing efforts; our branding is clearer and more concise now.”
Gloria L., Ambassador Speakers Bureau

You delivered a great logo, and you care about the end result and making the customer happy.”
Diana F., Perfect Fit Resume

“I feel that I am presenting my work more professionally to my clients. Erica is absolutely committed to getting a result you will love. I’d recommend her to anyone who is ready to move on from DIY-ing the visual aspect of their brand and wants to represent themselves professionally, memorably and with elegance.”
Sophy D., Sophy Dale Coaching

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